Environmental Work

The Living Tree Company is engaged in numerous environmental projects, such as:

  • Auckland Biosecurity and Kauri Dieback Management Program: Leading field surveys for 3 years
  • DOC Fjordland: Specialised arboricultural canopy work
  • Auckland University: Leading canopy research projects
  • Kessels Ecology: Climbing for bat roost identification, relocation and habitat creation
  • Canterbury University: Botanical identification and GIS data collections for remote sensing

We also work on many ongoing projects with scientists, environmentalists and organisations that we believe are working towards a healthy and diverse environment to be enjoyed for future generations.

Cone and seed collecting have been part of our climbing services both in native and exotic trees in New Zealand and Europe. When seed collecting, we use singe line access techniques to ensure there is no damage to the trees and other lifeforms within the canopy. We take great care to avoid introducing pests and diseases and work to minimise soil movement.

Please contact us with your enquiries or just to talk about your projects; we are always interested to expand our network and learn from others' projects and knowledge.