Tree Care

The Living Tree Company works with and for modern tree care solutions. Long European and New Zealand experience has taught us to prune, plant and care for trees to the conditions of the environment.

We like to prune trees using modern climbing techniques and prefer many small handsaw cuts instead of the easier option of using the chainsaw. This encourages a more natural, healthy and pleasing looking tree which will not need extensive ongoing maintenance but can still increase the light and views that are important for many of our clients.

Trees do not need maintenance in their natural environment, but in an urban environment there are a lot factors that can be damaging. When choosing trees for planting or before commencing building projects, talking to a qualified arborist about options and plans can save a lot of trouble and money.



We are happy to inspect your trees and give you solutions to maintain them, although sometimes trees may need to be removed for your safety or landscaping requirements.

We have extensive experience in large and complicated removals. Tree removals by The Living Tree Company are conducted carefully and efficiently. Our aim is to leave no impact on the surrounding environment, including other trees and vegetation and human structures such as property, driveways, fences and the like.

Working alongside some of the leading contractors in the field has made us build great team relationships with independent contractors which allows us to utilise a wide range of specialist knowledge. We also guarantee that all contractors on site have high standards, etiquette, qualifications and insurances.