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Radio NZ | ‘We are never too late’ to fight kauri dieback

Getty 842352196 kauri track dieback

Tucked within Waitākere Ranges, a 1000 year old tree dubbed Auntie Agatha has succumbed to kauri dieback.


Myrtle rust in New Zealand trees


Myrtle rust has now been identified in five locations in New Zealand. It was first identified on Raul Island in the Kermadec Island group on the 17th of March, 2017. The islands are under the New Zealand flag and Raul Island is a DOC-run wildlife sanctuary, 10,000 km north of Cape Reinga. The infection spread fairly quickly to mainland New Zealand and there are now (27th November) nearly 200 individual properties that have identified infections.


Climbing Tōtara to collect leaf samples for genetic analysis.

IMG 8631

Carolina Lara is a PhD student at the University of Auckland. Part of her research involves sampling tōtara tree (Podocarpus totara) leaves to conduct genetic analysis.


Tree climbing for Kauri seed collecting

IMG 2632

We were recently asked to be part of a research project for Auckland Botanical Gardens (ABG), who are working on a positive biological control agent for Kauri dieback Phytophthora agathidicida. Kauri dieback is host-specific to NZ Kauri trees. It kills everything from seedlings to giant trees and spreads through soil moisture and soil movement. 


Hong Kong hosts the Asia-Pacific Tree Climbing Championship

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The Asia-Pacific Tree Climbing Competition (APTCC) runs every year and this was its first time in Hong Kong.


Bat monitoring with Dr Johan Eklöf in Sweden

bat finding featured image

Last summer I was back in Sweden for a break. I had the opportunity to spend an evening with Swede Dr Johan Eklöf.


Tree Climbing for Auckland Chinese Lantern Festival

lantern festival featured image

The Chinese Lantern Festival has become an iconic event in Auckland, put on by Auckland Tourism and Events to celebrate Chinese New Year.